Ghada Karmi

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This book deals with an important and often neglected subject: the Palestinian exodus and the creation of the refugee problem. The intimate and causal connection connection between the refugee exodus and the creation of the Jewish state in Palestine has rarely been defined and the two issues have ustoarily been treated as separate events.

This book analyses this connection and reviews the Palestinian exodus from 1948, through 1967, right up to the present time with the continuing expulsion of Palestinians from Jerusalem. It explores the themes of compensation for Palestinians, the right of return of the refugees to Israel and the feasibility of return. It also sets out a vision for a future solution to the refugee problem, which remains an outstanding obstacle in the way of a lasting peace between the two sides.

By bringing together historians, academics and legal experts to provide different perspectives, this book aims to adress all the major aspects of this complex issue. As such, it forms essential reading for scholars and also general readers concerned with the primary causes of and the solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

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